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    Toys and Helium Balloons

    A selection of toys, helium balloons, greetings cards, newspapers, magazines, stationery, confectionery, toys and a host of useful services.

    Balloons at Queens Parade News Gosport

    Balloons at Queens Parade News Gosport

    A good selection of toys is on offer, automatically changed by our suppliers approximately every six weeks. However, popular items remain on sale. Proprietor Jo calls them 'pocket money toys' with a price range from 99p to £15.

    Helium Balloons

    Up, up and away with the largest selection in the area – we know because we’ve checked. General and milestone birthdays, special occasions, Disney characters etc. it’ll cost you from £4.95 for a foil balloon to make someone happy in a unique way.

    We can also do table decorations but, because of their complexity, we’ll need a little notice for this.

    Our balloons have co-ordinating ribbons and weights – and we’ll even fill your own balloons depending on size; prices start at £1.50 - a modest charge that covers the cost of the gas.

    Contact us on 07915 807841 or email us if you need any other information about our business and the wide range of services we provide. Follow us on Facebook: