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    Fresh Rolls & Sandwiches, Cold & Hot Drinks

    Fresh rolls, sandwiches, drinks, greetings cards, newspapers, magazines, stationery, confectionery, toys and a host of useful services.

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    Whether you’ve forgotten your lunch or snack or if you’re well-prepared and organised, we have a good range of freshly-made delights for you, prepared locally.

    Our Chicken Mayonnaise sandwiches are particularly popular but, there again, so is Egg, Mayo and Bacon, Cheese and Coleslaw, Cheese and Pickle, Egg and Tomato and many others. These are all delivered daily at 10:00 am. Now you know!


    We only stock non-alcoholic drinks in our shop but we have a great choice. Yet again, our ‘price-marked’ policy comes into play and we keep our prices down (if you’ve time to check at your chosen local supermarket).

    2-litre bottles, cans, take-away coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate or tea. Seasonal slush drinks, too! And, remember, we have fresh milk delivered to our shop.

    Contact us on 07915 807841 or email us if you need any other information about our business and the wide range of services we provide. Follow us on Facebook: